Can you find the mountain lion hiding in this photo?

This photo recently caused quite a hype with people looking for the well-hidden mountain lion that only the most astute people can easily spot. Can you find it?

Do you like puzzles? Well, we’ve got a good one for you. This photo, that was taken in October 2019 in the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, USA, is currently causing quite a stir on social media. Why? Because there is a mountain lionhiding in the photo about to pounce on its prey. Only the most astute internet users have managed to spot it. Have you?

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#TrailcamTuesday At first glance this image may not look like much, but actually it is one of the most unique and awesome camera trap images we've ever seen..! Why do we say that...? There is a MOUNTAIN LION in this photo, following the elk! Take a moment and see if you can spot this elusive predator. We'll leave a hint in the comments! How amazing!? Kudos to the eagle-eyed researcher who noticed this while going through hundreds of photos! Image credit: Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA (via Facebook) . #riomoranationalwildliferefuge #mountainlion #mountainlions #mountainlionsofinstagram #bigcatsofinstagram #bigcatsofig #bigcatsofinsta #puma #pumas #elk #arroyo #predator #wildlife #cameratrap #cameratraps #cameratrapping #trailcamera #fieldcamera

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The hunt

When you first look at the photo, you immediately see what appears to be an elk (a deer found in North America and Asia) peacefully grazing in the middle of a wooded area. Nothing seems to indicate that it is in danger and about to become a mountain lion’s next meal, and yet, it is.


Still can’t find it? Well, since we’re feeling nice, we’ll help you a little by zooming in on the photo. If you don’t like spoilers and want to find it for yourself, stop reading now, and congratulations to those who managed to find it on their own.

We're warning you: scroll a bit more and you'll have your answer!


Flora and wildlife

In case you weren’t aware, the Rio Mora park is very rich in flora and fauna. You can find lots of different animals including mountain lions, just like the one in the photo, but also jackals and bison that roam freely in the high meadows, lakes and steep mountains surrounded by the Mora River which give the park its name.

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