Called a 'sociopathic dwarf by medical experts, this is what she had to say about trying to kill her parents

A guest on Dr. Phil, a popular American talk show, Natalia Barnett, the young woman who allegedly lied about her age and tried to kill her first adoptive parents, broke her silence. She denied the allegations and insisted that she isn't a 'sociopathic dwarf.' She also claimed that she is currently 14 years old.

This story made headlines for weeks in the United States and eventually made its way to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Her name is Natalia Barnett and she is Ukrainian. Although her incredible story remains unclear, on Monday, November 4, she spoke up for the first time on national TV.

A 23-year-old 'sociopathic dwarf'

Her first adoptive parents accused her of lying about her age and actually being a 23-year-old woman, but claiming to be 6 years old. They also say she tried to murder them several times. The girl who was deemed a 'sociopathic dwarf' based on medical reports (tests ordered by the adoptive parents had revealed serious growth problems that confirm her dwarfism, as well as mental disorders) opened up about this case to Dr. Phil. She plead not guilty, going so far as to accuse the Barnett family of lying.

She claims her innocence

In tears, Natalia explained that she had never tried to kill her parents and that, contrary to what her parents believed, she actually wasn't 6 years old at the time of her adoption. Natalia's actual age remains unclear. 'I just want people to hear my side. I had a test done in Michigan and it said I was 14.' Some news outlets, which cited court documents from several hearings in which medical evidence was brought forward, say that she is actually 23 years old.

For reference, Barnett's parents were sued for abuse and neglect after they abandoned their adopted daughter in a house they rented for her, before running off to Canada. They accused Natalia of trying to poison them by putting bleach in their coffee and attempting to murder them in their sleep. They were then seen in court in January. The adoptive father had said he feels confident and was sure that he would not be found guilty. The girl has since been adopted by a new family who says they're 'not worried.'

According To Her Adoptive Parents, This Little Girl Is Actually A 22-Year-Old Sociopathic Dwarf According To Her Adoptive Parents, This Little Girl Is Actually A 22-Year-Old Sociopathic Dwarf