Australian man goes viral after vowing to eat a KFC Zinger Box 100 days in a row

Just like the documentary Supersize Me, this man has decided he is going to eat a KFC Zinger Box every day for 100 days, and his TikTok fans are holding him to it.

We all remember watching the documentary Supersize Me where Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s for just 30 days, and that 30 days was enough to put us off our meals for just as long.

Well, Spurlock looks to have some competition in the binge eating business as one Australian man nicknamed ‘the Colonel’ has pledged to eat a KFC Zinger Box every day for 100 days.

Every day Seamus Murphy posts evidence to his followers that he is valiantly moving forward with his promise by filming himself eating on TikTok, Seamus is about 46 days in so far, leaving 54 days to go. Seamus’ efforts have also made him go viral on the platform and the KFC fanatic has so far amassed over 145,000 likes.


Give us the numbers

We can only imagine the health implications that come with eating fast food every single day. Spurlock gained 11kgs in his Supersize Me efforts, and he didn’t even make it to the finish line. So what is in store for Seamus?

A KFC Zinger boxconsists of a Zinger Burger, fries, a pot of gravy and a soft drink that equates to roughly half of his recommended calorie intake per day. After 100 days Seamus would have consumed over 486,000 kilojoules worth of KFC. Spread out over 100 days and it doesn’t seem so bad. But, let’s just hope Seamus also has a gym membership.

No doubt eating the same thing every day gets a little boring - even if it’s KFC - so, to spice things up sometimes this KFC fanatic will add extras such as bacon or cheese. We can only assume that this would push up his daily calorie intake even further.

Five days in Seamus revealed that he weighed 66.5 kg’s pretty healthy for a young man. But, by day 19 he had gained 1kg. If we assume that Seamus gains 1kg every 19 days then by the end of his efforts he would weigh 71.7kgs… that’s actually not that bad.

Luckily, Murphy is an athlete so he’ll be mitigating his KFC feats with exercise. He stated:

Everyone's saying my arteries are going to clog up. Don't worry about it! She'll be right. My hearts been through a fair bit. In the last 10 years, I've been training for this.

Murphy is also cheekily getting his followers to sponsor his meals as altogether his experiment would cost over $1,145 AU (£635). If you sponsor a meal then you get a shoutout on TikTok.


All for a good cause

Murphy is also using his 100 days of Zinger stint to support a good cause by using his growing platform to speak up about mental health issues. Seamus encourages his followers to donate to the Black Dog Institute, Australia’s only medical research institute focused on men’s mental health. Murphy explained:

I don't want people sending me money for food when there's people out there that need money for food more than I do. My good mate Dools has a Black Dog Institute page set up for his mullet he's growing. If you donate to there, take a screenshot, send me a private message with whatever you want. F***ing shove a drumstick up your a**e, whatever your f***ing request is, we'll go through it. If it's appropriate, I'll do it. If not, f*** it, you donated to a good cause.

Well, at least the Colonel is using his voice for good!

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