Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Sylvester Stallone Over The Size Of His Knife (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger teased Sylvester Stallone about how small his Rambo knife is compared to the one he used in Predator.

Size matters, apparently. At least knife size does. And badass actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone like their knives nice and sharp.

Sylvester Stallone signed one of the knives he used in Rambo for charity. And his old friend Arnold Schwarzenegger got his hands on it.

He took the opportunity to bring out the knife he used in Predator. Given how much larger his own knife is, the Terminator couldn't help but poke fun at Rambo's.

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I found a new friend early this morning…@slystalloneshop

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Sly, I just saw your knife that you have signed for charity in Cardiff. It's unbelievable, look at this knife. BThis is not a knife... This is a knife! This is what we used on 'Predator', it's just a little larger than yours. But don't worry about it. In all seriousness, all the best of luck with 'Rambo' this weekend, okay? You are gonna be a hit, it's gonna be a smash – you are the best.

Perhaps we should have seen some boxing gloves from the set of Rocky, not sure how Arnold would come back at those, other than maybe comparing the sizes of their biceps.

Either way Rambo: Last Blood will be out in theatres this Wednesday, September 25th, and any real Rambo fan will be super pumped to see how this climactic series comes to a close.

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