An Instagram influencer started a 'Coronavirus challenge,' angering internet users

The American Instagram influencer Ava Louise is in trouble due a controversial video she posted, in which she can be seen licking a toilet bowl.

It's something you shouldn't normally do. So it goes without saying that it is totally irresponsible to do this during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the United States, a 22-year-old Instagram influencer from Miami has been widely criticised on social media for starting the 'coronavirus challenge,' which she invented herself and seems to consist of... licking an aeroplane toilet bowl.

Licking a toilet bowl for fun

In the video which is just a few seconds long, and which has been shared many times on Twitter, Ava Louise, who has 168,000 followers on Instagram, can be seen sitting in front of an airplane toilet and licking the toilet bowl with a smile on her face. The disturbing video can be seen at the top of the article.

Unsurprisingly, the initiative has received a very mixed reception on social media, where the video has so far had more than 250,000 views, according to the Daily Mail. 'Her parents must be so proud,' said one internet user ironically. 'The things people do to get attention,' said another.

Although the video has since been deleted from Tik Tok, it is still available on Twitter. And while many internet users are still criticising Ava Louise, the latter explained in a tweet posted on the 15th of March that her video was in fact a 'social experiment.' As a reminder, the Covid-19 death toll has exceeded 10,000 worldwide.

TikTok users are getting sick due to a disturbing 'coronavirus challenge' TikTok users are getting sick due to a disturbing 'coronavirus challenge'