American Woman Who Donated a Kidney to Her Boss Receives Incredible Gift in Return

When Acia Williams found out that her longtime boss and good friend urgently needed a new b kidney, she didn’t think twice about becoming his donor. To say thank you, made her lifelong dream come true.

Acia Williams has a truly incredible story to tell. She had been working in one of the hair salons belonging to her boss Chet Bennett for over eight years. The two had known each other for around 20 years and had become very close over the decades.

A life-saving kidney donation

But one day, Chet’s health started to deteriorate and he needed to be hooked up to a dialysis machine. Acia learned that her friend was in critical condition and urgently needed a kidney donation. Without a second thought, Acia offered to help and it turns out she perfectly matched the donor requirements.

The operation took place not long afterwards and Chet survived after everything went smoothly. The chain owner learned that Acia had saved his life and started looking for a way to pay his friend back.

He knew that money wasn’t enough to thank her for what she had done for him, but he had an idea of what would be. It had always been her dream to open her own hair salon one day, but she never could for financial reasons. But Chet could.

An incredible gift

I can’t begin to thank you enough for you giving me life, but we can start with you making your dream a reality by having your own salon.

Without further ado, he handed her the keys to one of his most lucrative and profitable salons for which they had a big reopening ceremony in January. She renamed this salon ‘A New Imagine by Acia’ and she started turning a profit after just a few months. Things are going great for her.

Even though Chet was in critical condition and very close to death at the time, the two friends can now laugh about the whole situation. When Chet jokes about taking back the salon, Acia, in turn, asks for her kidney back. They clearly haven’t lost their sense of humour through this difficult situation.

This story is a prime example of a selfless friendship. Acia acted without even thinking about it and without expecting anything in return. The fact that Chet made her dreams come true is more than she could have ever dreamed of.

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