After this ‘boys weekend’ video was shared with their wives, it was game over for these guys

Raunchy scenes from a boys' weekend away landed them in ultimate trouble after a lewd video of the lot was shared with their wives...

There's nothing quite like the wrath of a betrayed wife and it's safe to say this lot didn't get a happy ending following a 'boys only' weekend away.

The x-rated footage (shown above) shows a group of men in a typical holiday scenario as they're boozing outdoors in their trunks whilst being entertained by dancing, bikini-clad women whose relationship to the men is unclear.

One member of the lads can be seen smooching the derriere of one of the girls, meanwhile, another two men can be spotted 'sandwiching' another one of their female companions as they dance. Despite telling their partners that they'd ridden off to Corrientes in Argentina, it turns out that they simply went on a local holiday in the neighbouring city of Saenz Pena.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for the licentious clip to reach the wives of the lads on a break whilst the lot thought the video was only circulating amongst themselves. An unnamed person shared the video with one of the men's wives, Eve, who immediately passed on the word onto the rest, attaching the message:

Last night I sent the video to I have in my contacts so they know I know what they were doing.

One of the group later remarked,

The videos are all around, they were given to Eve, she sent them to the rest of the wives. Claudio has been dumped, Mara is going home and well, we f***** up.

It's safe to say these fellars were most definitely not welcomed back with open arms...

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