After his knee swelled up and turned black his mom cut open the wound to find something shocking

After a fall, little Paul Franklin's knee swelled up, dangerously large too. When it turns pitch black, his mother takes initiative and opens the wound. What she finds then gives her a shock!

Seven-year-old Paul Franklin and his mother spent a sunny day on a Californian beach. Suddenly, the little boy fell while fooling around and hit his knee and at the time, that seemed to be all it was.

But as the bumped knee turned to an orange-sized goose egg over the following days and Paul's mother became nervous. She consulted doctors about what might be the cause.

The boy's knee turned black

The doctors explained that under no circumstances should she open the thick swelling on her son's knee. But they couldn't do anything to help the little boy further. The mysterious swelling left her at a loss. Meanwhile, the sight became worse. Paul's knee was not only very swollen, but it also turned pitch black.

Then his mother made a decision: against the advice of the doctors, she opened the wound! The reason: it was getting worse and worse and she simply couldn't watch her son suffer any more.

But what the mother then pulled out of the wound took their breath away. A small round object was brought to light, which the two initially thought was just a small stone. But on closer inspection, they recognised it was actually small animal.

A sea snail may have crawled into the open wound at the time of the injury. CBS News

Sea snail in the wound

It was not a stone that she took out of her son's knee, but a living sea snail! These animals are known to be particularly resistant and adapt quickly to changing external conditions. Apparently this also applies to the inside of a human body. Creepy!

Paul on the other hand took the whole action very calmly. Fortunately, there was no necrosis. His mother reported that the son even found it cool that the sea snail had made its home inside him.

In any case, the pair are relieved the experience is over and it wasn't anything more serious.

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