After 30 Hours of Getting Inked This Man’s Botched Tattoo Was Turned Into a Work of Art

A tattoo can be a thoughtful project, a big mistake or a fad. Today we love it, tomorrow we hate it, then we want to change it – there are so many reasons to go get your tattoo covered up. This is the art of tattoo recovery, where after a few minutes with a needle, a new tattoo is born and the original has gone.

Sometimes, people end up regretting their tattoo choices, whether it is because they are a reminder of something they would rather forget or of a drunken night that they really don't want to remember. Or maybe they have just changed their minds and decided they don't like thieir tattoo anymore.

When this happens, there are a few different ways to handle the situation. You can either have laser removal surgery to completely remove the mistake, or you can get the work of art covered up with another tattoo, therefore turning the unwanted design into something you can once again be proud of.

This man chose the latter option. 30 hours. That’s how long it took the very talented Ben Boston to cover up Wayne O’Toole’s tattoo. Wayne had a pretty broad tribal tattoo that covered his shoulder and one of his pecs. Today, the tattoo has totally disappeared to make room for an epic scene from the 1st and 2nd World Wars, in honour of the English soldiers. This work of art now extends to his wrist and when you see his original tattoo, it’s hard to believe that this breath-taking transformation took place.

If you’re not happy with your tattoo, Ben claims that with enough time, most tattoos can be covered up – giving hope to many. By sharing the photo on social media, Ben Boston has attracted the attention of many customers. It's no wonder the artist himself is almost always fully booked!

After seeing this transformation, would you still dare say that tattooing isn’t an art in itself? Check out the video and judge for yourself!

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