After 19 years of marriage, he finds out his wife used to be a man

A 64-year-old Belgian man discovered, after 19 years of living together, that his wife was in fact a man who had undergone a sex-change operation. He then asked for their marriage to be annulled.

Life is full of surprises, but this is one Jan could have done without. This Antwerp native decided to tell his shocking story, which took place several years ago now, to Belgian magazine Het Nieuwsblad.

‘I never thought to ask’

Jan explains that he met a young Indonesian woman named Monica in 1993. At the time, the woman was 27 years old and was an au pair for the divorced man's sister.

She was a very attractive woman. When we got in touch I asked her if she wanted to have children. She said she didn't want them. I was delighted with her answer because I was 44 years old and already had four children. (...) I never thought to ask any other questions. She was on the pill. She did everything she could to hide the truth from me. Even during intercourse, I didn't notice anything!

One day, her cousin who came to visit her mistakenly confessed that Monica used to be aman, to Jan’s surprise. After finding out the truth, Jan asked his wife for confirmation, who then confirmed the cousin’s revelation.

They parted ways

This was a huge blow for Jan... Some time later, he asked his ex-wife to leave their home. He then decided to start a marriage annulment procedure. This shocking news also led him to begin treatment with a psychiatrist.

This is a shocking story that he will never forget, and we hope that everything is going well for him since these revelations.

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This Man Found Out His Wife Of 19 Years Was Born A Man This Man Found Out His Wife Of 19 Years Was Born A Man