A YouTuber Takes On Dwarf in an Unreal MMA Bout

Typically in MMA, we see two competitors more or less of similar skill and size face off in the ring. This fight was not at all like that,

A YouTuber Takes On Dwarf in an Unreal MMA Bout
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YouTuber vs Influencer

At the Ego Arena in Gdansk, Poland, quite an unusual fight took place. These two Polish celebrities, far from being fighters in their own rights, got into the octagon in order to settle their differences. The first, Mateusz Krzyżanowski, an influencer and YouTuber, regularly posts content alongside people who practice martial arts. In the other corner was Marek Kruszel, also a YouTube content creator. You can see where this is going.

Hardly a fair fight

But there is one rather important detail about this fight that we have yet to mention, Mateusz Krzyżanowski, also known as ‘Mini Majk’, is a dwarf. This factor greatly contributed to Marek Kruszel winning by TKO following his fight-ending body kick in the second round. Although it was far from being the biggest fight of the night, this battle did trigger a strong response from the stands in the arena.

After the fight, the two men got together in the locker room to take a photo together, symbolising the end of their rivalry.

Check out the video above to see the fight unfold!