A Woman Tried To Remove Her Chest Tattoo And The Outcome Is Horrific

We can't deny that tattoos are stylish and trendy. But, sometimes, people get bored with them and decide to remove them from their skin, and they don't always get the result they expected.

Tattoos are "in" and you can go to any professional tattoo parlour to get inked on any part of your body. You can ask for whatever shape, drawing or words you want.

The tattoo industry is so free and artistic that, often, people get tattoos that they subsequently want to remove from their skin. It's more or less difficult to hide a tattoo depending on what part of the body it's on.

So, imagine, for example, that you got a tattoo on a very visible body part. It would make it hard for you to get a job in a company that has a strict "no visible tattoos at any time" policy, right?

If you were in this or any other tricky tattoo situation,you'd probably want to get rid of that body ink. In that case, you'd have to go to a specialist so they can remove it with a laser.

That's exactly what this woman, who had a fairly large chest tattoo and wanted to remove it, did. She documented it and the video went viral on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the laser treatmentgave the woman horrible skin lesions, which you can see in the video. These images shocked thousands of Internet users in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States.

After you see this, you'll probably thinktwice before getting a new tattoo.

She Tried to Remove Her Tattoo With Cream and It Went Horribly Wrong She Tried to Remove Her Tattoo With Cream and It Went Horribly Wrong