A terrifying drive-in horror experience is coming to the UK!

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate, FestEvil, a drive-through horror experience is coming to Wrexham.

From the same organisers of Rock the Park Music Festival and the award-winning horror maze ‘The Void’, FestEvil has announced it will setting up for multiple dates over October and November.

The terrifying experience boats that it will ‘scare the hell out of you’ with a drive through maze full of spooky surprises.

The maze is set to take place at the same site that Rock the Park Festival often occupies and will bring your worst nightmares to life...All while you enjoy social distancing from the safety of your own car.

The event information dictates that guests will be able to drive through a series of scenes from the most famous horror movies and television shows with live actors and gory special effects.

Drivers will be instructed to drive into the dark and desolate maze to marked out scare points where they will be greeted by a 'twisted creatures and unexpected scares'.

Cyclone Events Management

How To Get Your Hands on Some Tickets

Tickets for the event went on sale on the 11th of September and costs just £12.50 per car! The event lasts 15-20 minutes per experience. But be warned, tickets will not be available for those under 16 as the little ones won't be able to sleep for a week!

But, before you rush to buy your tickets, organisers have also warned that once you enter the horror maze 'you must complete the event in its entirety' as 'no matter how scary you cannot leave the event early.'

Cyclone Events Management

As attendees are also confined to their cars that also means there might not be any bathroom breaks so it would pay to bring an extra pair of pants.

Don't forget to plan a stop to the carwash on the way home as during the horror experience cars may be covered in blood splatters and all kinds of goo.

So, if a night of horror is right up your alley then don't forget to order your ticketshere.

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