A Swan Was Filmed Building A Nest Out Of Plastic Waste

A Swan Was Filmed Building A Nest Out Of Plastic Waste

Eradicating plastic waste is becoming an imminent concern. A video recently filmed in Amsterdam shows a swan using a pile of trash to make its nest. Distressing footage to say the least…

On a bank in the city of Amsterdam where plastic waste of all kinds accumulates, bags, bottles and other packaging have found their way to an unfortunate swan whch has adapted the rubbish to form a nest. The swan, having  deposited her eggs in the make-shift nest will watch them hatch on a pile of rubbish. This desolate footage comes as a violent reminder that plastic has invaded our seas, our oceans, and animals are suffering every day.

Deadly plastic

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Watched more than 1 million times, the video caught the attention of many Internet users. In the comments, Facebook users deplore ‘human waste’ and remind how urgent it is to act now.

Plastic causes the death of thousands of animals each year. Recently, a shock campaign by the Sea Shepherd NGO showed animals stifled by plastic bags to raise awareness of this crucial environmental issue. Not long ago, a whale was found dead with 40 kg of plastic in its stomach.

This is not the first time that footage of swans bathed in pollution have surfaced. In April 2018, a swan was filmed in the middle of a pile of filth in Copenhagen.

Teegan Wright
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