A Museum Dedicated to Hangovers Has Opened in Zagreb, Croatia

The hangover museum in Zagreb, Croatia will help you feel like you aren’t the only one who has had some crazy nights out. Your drunken stories will probably feel small compared to the tales told here!

Drunken nights tend to propel a fascinating combination of memorable and forgettable stories—depending on how many shots of vodka and rum you shot back the evening before. Either way, it’s always fun to wake up and relive stupid and hilarious events from the previous night with your friends.

But now you can step outside your little world and explore other drunken stories at the hangover museum in Zagreb, Croatia, which the creators have labelled as the “first hangover museum in the world.”

The two creators, Roberta Mikelic and Rino Dubokovic, both 24-years-old, developed the idea after talking with their mates. One of them shared how they woke up with a bike pedal in their pocket with no clue recollection of how or why it was there.

So what will visitors experience when they go to the first-ever hangover museum? Dubokovic describes their creation as 'The museum looks at certain nights from the point when you leave the club to the time when you wake up.'

As you explore the museum, you’ll get the chance to meander through four rooms that resemble the different locations you stumble through and upon as you make your way from the club to your house (or wherever you’re sleeping).

You’ll meander through the Street, which is covered with graffiti. Meanwhile, the Mirrors unveils the reflections of your haggard look in shop windows. The Garden plays sunrise birdsongs. And the Bedroom has bottles and ashtrays everywhere.

Visitors can drink rakija, the local brandy, play darts, rock glasses that emulate feelings of being drunk, and laugh at the hangover stories scattered across the walls. Want to know one of the stories? Take a look at our video for a good chuckle!

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