A motorist was caught driving at 440 miles an hour in a Ford Focus

In Italy, a driver was caught driving at more than 400 miles an hour last summer.

This incredible speed was recorded on the roads of the province of Ancona, along the Adriatic coast. As reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano, a young woman driving in the municipality of Osimo was clocked by a speed trap at the barely believable speed of 440 mph, while at the wheel of a Ford Focus. As a result, the driver was fined £758 and her driver’s license was taken away.

A radar error?

It goes without saying that the vehicle, although efficient, cannot reach these kinds of speeds. Despite this obvious radar error, a report was sent to the driver by the local police. The young woman, who is from the neighbouring village of Offagna, now has the possibility of appealing against the penalty. At least that is what Giovanni Strologo, from the Committee for the Respect of the Highway Code, advises her to do.

The local police responsible

‘The municipal police command is responsible for checking the reports it sends,’ he assured the Italian media outlet. ‘Now, I recommend that the offender appeal,’ he continued, adding in passing that the driver will also have to request an appeal concerning the cancellation of her licence.

Once the procedure has been completed, the young woman should also receive compensation for the damages she has suffered, explains Giovanni Strologo. And given the speed indicated on the report, the courts should not find it too hard to believe her...

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