A Man Almost Died After Eating A Mcflurry From McDonald’s

A Man Almost Died After Eating A Mcflurry From McDonald’s

When he ordered his favourite ice cream from McDonald’s, this man never thought that he would end up in hospital. An accident that could have killed him if he hadn’t been paying attention to what was in his dessert. Check out the video for the shocking footage!

Steven Georgiou went to a restaurant owned by the famous fast food restaurant chain in the North of London. He ordered a caramel ‘Mcflurry’ for himself, and a cream egg one for his girlfriend. Despite tasting very different, the two desserts look very similar. Steven ended up mistakenly eating his girlfriends ‘Mcflurry’. Only, there was a problem: Steven is allergic to eggs.

But this could have been avoided. According to the Daily Mail, the young man explicitly asked his server to put the cream egg mcflurry in different packaging so they could tell the two apart. Apparently though, his server didn’t respect his request and so committed a fatal error.

A near-death experience!

The 32-year-old man from London was urgently rushed to hospital after having a very strong allergic reaction from eating this ice cream. If he hadn’t been immediately taken to hospital, he could have ended up dead.

Following this unfortunate event, Steven returned to the restaurant to make their staff’s error known to the manager. He only received a free ice cream as compensation and an apology by email.

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According to Steven, this problem doesn’t just affect the fast food restaurant McDonald’s. Servers have to be more vigilant, because this story could have ended up a lot worse.

Check out the video above to find out more details about Steven’s story.

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