A literal shit storm: one woman lost the plot in a busy coffee shop

This was the disgusting moment a Canadian woman relieved herself inside a Tim Horton’s coffee shop franchise. In the footage, the woman is seen arguing with staff before dropping her pants and committing the heinous act in full view of everyone.

Warning! This video contains scenes that could upset some viewers. Watch at your discretion.

In the awful footage shown in the video above, you can clearly see one Canadian woman arguing with members of staffbehind the counter.

After verbally abusing the staffmember for around 20 seconds, she decides to remove the jacket from around her waist and drop her pants. After positioning herself against a wall in the restaurant, she empties her bowelsin front of everyone whilst grabbing napkins from the dispenser on the counter.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough she then decides to pick up her freshly laid excrement and hurl it at cafe crew. Whilst it’s unclear whether thefaeces hit the staff member or not, you can’t begin to image how distressed he must have been.

Thepolice were called and the woman was eventually arrested before being released without charge.

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