A fish with bizarre human-like features has internet users freaking out

Recently, Twitter went sent on a hilarious spiral when one user posted a picture of a fish that possessed some features wildly similar to those of humans.

There are a lot of strange things animals and species lurking in the deep blue sea. Despite how much we think we know about the ocean's scientists have estimated that as much as 91% of underwater species have yet to be classified and that there is still about 95% of the worlds oceans have yet to be explored.

So while we tend to think we've seen just about every bizarre creature the world has to offer, we're often reminded but new discoveries and strange findings, that we're a long way from seeing it all.

Recently a photo of a strange fish was posted to Twitter caused users to reply with a slew of hilarious memes and comments. The fish itself is not necessarily a new discovery but instead, it's human-likefeatures were what caused this post to go viral.

The photo displays a fish known as a Triggerfish. There are somewhere around 40 different species of triggerfish lots with differing features. They are known for being highly territorial and can be quite aggressive.

The photos themselves display the odd features of this particular fish which are almost uncanny sets of human-like lips and teeth. Which caused users to share a variety of both edited and non-edited photos to make comparisons to the strange-looking fish.

The internet has no shortage of people willing to make fun of pretty much anything and anyone. As brutal as comments can sometimes be. Others can be quite humorous and entertaining. Sorry that this triggerfish had to get roasted like this, but it definitely made our day.

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