A drunk American was arrested after he threw his poop at police

Most of us have come to accept the conclusion that man evolved from primates. While we do share some commonalities we like to think ourselves different and a little more sophisticated than our ape brethren, however, once in a while someone causes man kind to lose a step.

A drunk American was arrested after he threw his poop at police
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In an act usually only seen in monkeys, a man was arrested in Palm Springs, Florida, after he allegedly threw his own faeces at police officers.

Palm Springs police officers responded to a call this weekend where a man was reportedly intoxicated and apparently had just vandalized a local hotel.

When they arrived on the scene, the officers stated that they found the suspect, 40-year-old Castaneda Hernandez in his vehicle. According to their report, he resisted the officers' efforts to detain him and proceeded to throw his own faeces at them.

After officers were able to take control of the situation they along with paramedics attempted to treat and transport Hernandez to the hospital but due to his high level of intoxicationhe unable to be treated due to his resistance. According to a police report, Hernandez was released for booking purposes and voluntarily left the hospital.

The next day Hernandez contacted police outside of the station and after a brief struggle, he was once again in custody. He was arrested on multiple charges including aggravated battery against a peace officer.