A Deaf-Mute Man in a Wheelchair Robs a Jewelry Store...With His Feet (VIDEO)

A very original (to say the least) robbery took place on Monday, May 25, in Canela, Brazil. A 19-year-old man in a wheelchair broke into a jewelry store, demanding all the cash in the cash register while pointing a gun at the merchant... with his feet.

This is probably the most original robbery of the last 10 years. On Monday, May 25, a 19-year-old orchestrated and executed quite the astonishing hold-up in Canela, Brazil. Not only does the young man, who suffers from cerebral palsy, use a wheelchair, but he is also deaf and mute.

He tried to hold up the store... with his feet

The young robber had prepared a note for the jeweler. He showed him the note by holding it up with his feet, with which he also wrote said note. It read: "Give me all the money and don't make a scene."

Fake weapon and arrest

The jeweler, who was equal parts confused and surprised by what was happening, explains that he first thought the young man was asking for help and for money. "I felt sorry for him, so I gave him some money," he said. But the young robber intended to get all the money in the cash register. So, the handicapped teenager took out a firearm, which he pointed at the merchant, again, with his feet. Unluckily for him, a passerby saw what was happening from outside and immediately called the military brigade.

In the end, the young man was arrested. It turned out his gun was a toy, but he also had a knife. The investigation is still ongoing, but the adolescent has been released.

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