Bus passenger films a woman with a head full of lice

What would you do if the person sitting in front of you had a head full of lice?

We all remember our school days when one of our classmates got lice and suddenly, everyone in the class was scratching their head like mad people. Then your parents tell you you have to shave your head because there is just no other way to get rid of those insects faster or more efficiently. So you say goodbye to your beautiful head of hair and suddenly end up looking like a soldier about to embark on his first mission. Thankfully, those school days are behind us. But not for everyone it seems...

A crowded bus

While on the bus, minding his own business, a passenger noticed something quite disturbing. The passenger sitting right in front of him had a head full of lice! Obviously, his first reflex was to pull out his phone and start filming the little insects happily making a nest in the woman's hair! In the video above, you can see dozens of insects moving about in the woman's hair. Enough to gross you out for the rest of the day!

How do you get rid of lice?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of lice which don't include shaving your head off—you're welcome, ladies! Your best bet is suffocating the lice and combing them out. Put away the mayonnaise and vaseline—simply massage some olive or almond oil in your hair and start combing. The oil will suffocate the lice, making them slower. By combing the hair in sections, the culprits will jump out at you. Now all you need to do is pick them out. Wash your hair, rinse and repeat as much as necessary.

We really hope the woman didn't spread the lice everywhere and that the person filming warned her that she had a head full of lice!

Check out the video above to see the woman's head!

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