A 7-Year-Old Boy in India Had 526 Teeth Removed

This young boy from India had more than 500 teeth removed from his mouth. Unheard of.

A 7-Year-Old Boy in India Had 526 Teeth Removed
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No one likes going to the dentist, but we can’t complain after hearing about what happened to this 7-year-old Indian boy named Ravindran who underwent a graphic procedure involving the removal of over 500 teeth.

When Ravindran was taken to hospital, dental specialists said they had never seen so many teeth in one patient’s mouth before. This condition is known as 'hyperdontia,' or a surplus of teeth in one's mouth.

After several X-ray scans, doctors discovered a sort of pocket in the boy’s mouth that contained exactly 526 teeth. In fact, he had a rare type of tumour, and some experts have said it could possibly have been due to his genetics, the environment or even phone radiation. But closer examination needs to be done.

A long operation to remove the teeth

After the hours it took for Ravindran to come around to the idea, they were able to operate under general anaesthetic. Sometimes the condition can resolve on its own, but in this case, surgery was required. The operation lasted 5 hours and they were able to remove all 526 teeth from inside the young boy’s mouth. According to specialists, the teeth were all different sizes, measuring from 0.1 mm to 15 mm, and all had a crown. They also stated that they looked like pearls in an oyster.

More fear than harm

As this rare situation was detected quite quickly, all the surplus teeth were successfully and safely removed. Ravindran now has 21 teeth, which is almost average for a child of his age. In comparison, an adult has 32.

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