Appreciate Your Private Time On The Toilet? Well, Bad News: Doing It Too Long Could Have Dire Consequences

Here’s a very modern day health horror story for you… In China, this one man spent a little too much time hanging out on the toilet with his smartphone and subsequently needed an emergency trip to the hospital when something horrifying splashed into the toilet bowl.

For many of us, our time spent on the toilet is sacred. It’s the time of our day when we can kick back and relax, either with our mobile phones, a magazine, or a book. But after hearing the horrifying story of this Chinese man, you may well change your tune.

After a brief half-hour spent sat on the toilet, the man noticed that something resembling a ball had fallen out of his anus. Not one to tempt fate, the man decided that this situation was enough to merit a trip to the hospital.

Good thing he went too, as when he arrived the doctors informed him that what had fallen was actually... his rectum. It was there, just hanging out of him.

The round mass measured a staggering 16 cm in diameter. The cause of the detachment was something that we all do in every day... sitting on the toilet; more precisely, sitting on the toilet for too long.

Staying seated for an extended period of time in the particular position that most of us adopt while on the toilet can lead to increased pressure in the abdomen, which can force the detachment, should the pelvic muscles not be strong enough.

So please, exercise caution the next time you drop the kids off at the pool!

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