74-year-old man wakes up in a freezer 20 hours after being declared dead

A 74-year-old Indian man, presumed dead after a long illness, suddenly woke up 20 hours after being placed in a mortuary freezer.

In India, a 74-year-old man presumed dead after succumbing to an illness was placed in a mortuary freezer by his relatives, awaiting his funeral. But 20 hours later, a big surprise awaited the family from the state of Tamil Nadu: the man, Balasubramanian Kumar, suddenly woke up in his glass coffin, even starting to move and speak.

The scene, filmed when the employees of the freezing company visited the family's home, was posted on YouTube by the local channel New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV). You can watch it below (warning, the images may be shocking).

'Look, he's alive,' one of the employees alerted the family when he realised that the man was opening his eyes. And when everyone realised that Balasubramanian Kumar was still breathing, help was immediately called. The man spent a total of 20 hours in the glass freezer, according to local media.

An investigation into the family

So why was the 74-year-old man declared dead in a hurry, without any medical advice? That is the question police will have to answer, as they have opened an investigation into the family of the near-deceased for 'negligent conduct endangering human life' and 'endangering the safety of a person.' After being taken out of the freezer, Balasubramanian Kumar was taken to the local hospital in Salem town.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that such a return from the dead has occurred in recent months. In July 2020, a Chinese man presumed dead returned home as if nothing had happened, two months after his funeral. More recently, a 20-year-old American woman presumed dead woke up against all odds in the funeral home, just as she was about to be embalmed.

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