61-year-old grandmother creates OnlyFans account with her 24-year-old toyboy

A couple with a 37-year age difference is making a splash on social media. Not only have the two gotten married live on TikTok, but they have also started an OnlyFans page.

Cheryl McGregor is not one to shy away from love when it comes knocking on the door. The 61-year-old grandmother has tied the knot as well as started an OnlyFans account with one of her son's friends, who is now 37 years her junior.

An unlikely pairing

The toyboy in question is 24-year-old Quran McCain who met his future wife when he was only 15 while working at a fast food restaurant once managed by McGregor's son. But it wasn't until he turned 23 years old in 2020 that the two reconnected and have since had a 'spiritual' rekindling. He says of the fateful reconnection:

I don’t think it was love at first sight because I was 15 when we met but when I was 23 we connected on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know each other and bond and that was where our love really got strong.

And added:

I have never felt the way i feel for anyone like I do Cheryl.

Soon after starting a relationship, the unlikely duo posted videos of themselves dancing on TikTok that got them some unexpected attention, which prompted the pair to stage a live wedding on the social media platform. But not everything has been a fairytale for the two. Out of seven of McGregor's children, only three support their mum's new relationship.


I love dancing with my husband #AEJeansHaveFun#KeepItRealMeals @tiktok #unbanttvleolove_3

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'Hate all you want'

However, that hasn't stopped the couple from fully indulging in their partnership. The two have recently started an OnlyFans page where they post some pretty raunchy videos of the duo getting it on. The couple now describe their sex life as 'amazing' and McCain thanks the strong foundation they built at the onset for the success of their marriage:

Our relationship works so well because communication is the foundation of our friendship, relationship and marriage. We both love each other unconditionally.

And added:

Hate all you want, we still are going to live a normal life.
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