5 things most men do but will almost never admit to

Whilst perfectly natural, all of these very common habits can be quite difficult for many men to own up to.

Human beings sometimes exhibit behaviour that is difficult to understand. Even though the majority of men and women do things that are embarrassing, we don’t dare to talk about them out loud.

This is a problem that mainly affects men, who really hate talking about their little flaws. So, here are the top five bad habits that men find it hard to admit they do.

1 – Being attracted to their friends: We’ve all had the eternal debate about whether two people of the opposite sex can be friends. True friendship is possible but rare. But when men are attracted to one of their friends, they often find it hard to admit.

2 – Not wanting sex: The cliché that says all men want sex all the time isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, all men want to do is sleep, and nothing more. Laziness, tiredness, no matter what the reason.

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3 – Smelling their underwear: It’s kind of a little daily check-up, checking to see what condition your underwear is in. This habit is shared by lots of men, but they tend not to tell you about it.

4 – Watching adult films: Almost every single man out there has watched, watches, or will watch films of a pornographic nature. But when it comes to admitting it, it’s a whole other thing. This is something that the majority of men find it embarrassing to disclose.

5 – Never admitting they’re wrong: The worst thing for all men that live on this planet. Admitting they’re wrong isn’t so complicated, but it can prove to be a real challenge for men.

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