Sahara dust: Here's why you should absolutely clean your car

A fresh sandstorm arrived in the United Kingdom. But be careful; failing to clean your vehicle might cost you a lot of money. We'll tell you why.

A significant amount of sand particles from the Sahara arrived over the weekend and a substantial portion of the UK's vehicles are covered in sand dust.

According to Copernicus, the European Union's Earth observation programme, sand dust was back in the country over the past weekend. So naturally, many people put off cleaning their cars until after the second wave of dust, a decision that could severely affect you.

Sahara dust storm in the UK

Cars and windows are covered with a thin coating of dust that originated in the Sahara desert and carried across Europe. Many Brits still haven't cleaned their car as it was announced that the past weekend would see another dust storm. However, for those who don't know, an unexpected roadside check when your car is far from clean could cost you dearly.

Sahara sand

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How much fine will you incur?

As you may be aware, maintaining filthy number plates might result in a fine of up to £1,000, you could also get the same fine as well as points on your license or even a driving ban if your windscreen is filthy, which happened to a lot of cars after the Sahara dust storm. Motorists who do not keep the insides of their vehicles clean will also risk a £5,000 fine, according to experts. Whereas, a less severe accident will incur £100.

Sahara dust

Regulation 30 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 applies, as well as the Highway Code, which states that windscreens and windows 'must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision'.

So, don't hesitate to check if you have any windshield washer fluid left so that you can clean your vehicle's windshield at any time in the event of an inspection.

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