UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell TEARS His Testicles Off In A Domestic Accident

Young UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell had quite a scare while doing construction on his home; he tore his testicles with a drill.

When you're an MMA fighter, you're used to getting hurt, but in in the octagon rather than while working on your home. However, the young UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell suffered a domestic accident that may keep him out of the cage for quite some time.

A bizarre domestic accident

The UFC fighter shared his experience on social media. We warn you however its’s not easy to read. ‘While I was going to train today, I tore my testicles in two. I’m just about to be stitched up now. I had a drill in my pants. I was putting a board up and the drill started. I dropped the board and reversed the direction the drill was turning in to untangle my testicles, but they were torn half off.’

Fortunately for him it sounds worse than it was. He reassured his fans by saying he would quickly get back to training as soon as he had been treated. At 25 years-old Mitchell made a name for himself during the last season of The Ultimate Fighter, losing only in the semifinal after several good showings.

This MMA fighter lost his testicle while training This MMA fighter lost his testicle while training