Conor McGregor Mercilessly Rips Into Follower Who Tried To Troll Him On Instagram

For anyone who was still in doubt, Conor McGregor’s trash-talk skills are still top notch. A follower who mouthed off a bit too much paid the price on Instagram.

Social media

Conor McGregor has recently become active again on social media. While training at SBG to prepare for the fight of the century against Khabib Nurmagomedov, he posted a few nuggets for his fans via his Instagram account. On one of the last photos, a follower tried to bash The Notorious on his dress style: ‘Conor I gotta ask, what the hell you're wearing these days?’ This turned out to be a bad idea, a very bad idea.

Straight for the throat

That's when Conor decided to demolish the opposition, this time using his phone. The slightly chubby follower in question took some heavy hits. After responding to the question about his clothing choices at the moment, he attacked the overweight opponent. This is how The Notorious responded:

‘I suggest also you try a 12 week course of my @mcgregorfast program if I was you. It will assist in boosting testosterone naturally, shedding fat and building muscle. Decreasing the oestrogen I can see which has built up in you which I imagine is causing wild mood swings and low sex drive. If you have a woman also I am assuming no kids as of yet. This program will assist in building you up to create true powerful offspring.’

Criticising someone because of their weight is a low blow, but on the one hand, it wasn’t Conor who started it!

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