What Did Ned Stark Say Before He Died In Game Of Thrones?

It’s been several years since the issue haunted Game of Thrones fans. But what could Ned Stark have possibly said before having his head cut off. Well, here’s the answer!

What Did Ned Stark Say Before He Died In Game Of Thrones?
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In an interview on March 13 with the Huffington Post, Sean Bean, the actor who played Ned Stark’s character in Game of Thrones, finally revealed a 7-year-old secret.

During this interview, the actor finally revealed what he had mumbled during the unforgettable scene where his character was decapitated. Even though several conspiracy theories were being thrown around, the reality is actually a bit more disappointing. Sean Bean says it was a kind of prayer bit without real meaning and in an almost unique language invented by himself. ‘I could not be too specific because I don’t know if religion (like that) was around in those days’, said the actor.

So it was not, as some people believed, a secret message to Jon Snow. Nor was it the motto of the Faceless Men, ‘valar morghulis’ meaning “all men must die”. Hope you’re not too disappointed!