TV: The Office Coming Back For A Reboot In 2018-2019

The Office has been one of our favourite series to marathon for as long as we can remember. Well, it was before Netflix decided to pull it from their site a little while ago. Fortunately for us, the Dunder Mifflin branch may be making a comeback in the near future.

Rumours are circulating that in the 2018-2019 television season, NBC will be bringing back our favourite workplace comedy. However, don’t count on World’s Best Boss Michael Scott to be starring in the reboot – reports are that Steve Carrell won’t be returning to reprise the role. “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Carrell stated when asked about a potential reunion, “Even in the best possible scenario, it’s always a slight disappointment.” We’d like to disagree, Steve. The search is on for a new Regional Manager of the Scranton branch.

As for the rest of the cast, reports have stated that the ensemble will feature both new and returning characters from the earlier series. Could we see a return of Jim and Pam with their kids? Or even the newly married Schrutes?

When asked for information about the news, NBC declined to make any comment. Well, that’s about as good confirmation as we could get without them outright stating it’s true. One thing is for sure: if Dwight doesn’t come back, we riot.

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