This Is The Truth Behind Tom Hardy's 'Last Minute' Peaky Blinders Exit

The popular mob show comprised of fascinating twists, loads of violence and impeccable style included a shocking series 4 finale that resulted in an unexpected fatality.

Ever since season one, viewers have eagerly followed the rags-to-riches narrative of the Shelby’s, a gangster family patrolling the streets of England.

And the surprising events that occurred in season four undoubtedly captured the attention of fans! In the episode, the intelligent, cunning Alfie Solomons encounters Thomas after betraying him.

Alfie asks Thomas to shoot him and put him out of misery. The Jewish gangster claims he has skin cancer and wants to die. Thomas appears reluctant and unwilling to end the life of Alfie.

After Thomas holds back, Alfie shoots Thomas in the side. And this action prompts the leader of the Shelby family to pull the trigger and shoot Alfie in the face.

However, David Caffrey, the director, claims that the scene wasn’t meant to unfold the way it did. The idea for this particular scene only came to fruition two days before filming the iconic, devastating scene.

What do Caffrey and Steven Knight, the mastermind behind this scene, have to say about Tom Hardy’s “last minute” Peaky Blinders exit? Tune into our video for more information!

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