This Crazy New Norwegian Series 'Magnus' Could Be Your Next Obsession

The CanneSérie festival aims to reveal series from around the world, and once again this year, the festival has brought us a few real gems.

Among the numerous series presented at the CanneSeries festival this year, one of them especially stood out because of how zany it is.

On paper, Magnus (pronounced Ma-gu-noos) doesn't seem particularly 'strange' but rather fantastical. The programme follows his life as a detective on the case of a serial killing who seems to take inspiration from Norwegian mythology. That's where the plot begins to thicken, and that's the least we can say...

To uncover the murderer, Magnus has had to enlist the help of two teammates (or rather two idiots, based on reviews). While one seems to have a sole mission to die, the second takes the role of a lost boy. Together, this 'awesome' trio begins an investigation that would undeniably be described as bizarre... And for good reason. As the investigation develops, the more strange, mythological creatures the team seem to cross paths with.

In short! Magnus is a quirky and amusing universe, which we strongly advise to anyone who enjoys offbeat humor...

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