There's An Unexpected Alternative Ending To Bandersnatch - Here's How To Find It

As it turns out, there is a mind-blowing hidden ending in-store for viewers in the latest ground-breaking episode of Netflix's anthology series, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - and you most definitely missed it.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch follows the story of Stefan Butler (Ffion Whitehead), a young computer game programmer as he embarks on a quest to recreate a mad writer's fantasy novel into an adventure video game. The episode cleverly takes on a multi-choice format - first of its kind on Netflix - allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the plotline.

Since the long-awaited choose-your-own-adventure film has finally been released on Netflix just after Christmas, Black Mirror fanatics have been taking on the interactive experience. And now, we gather around to get straight into the nitty-gritty details and deconstruct the various different paths and turns the new episode has to offer.

Whilst Netflix themselves claim five main definitive endings, viewers claim to have come across all sorts of conclusions. A new wave of reports have come about, explaining that there's an exclusive, hidden puzzle to the entire episode - but it's a lot more intricate than meets the eye.

What if we told you that you can actually play the very game that Stefan works to engineer in the episode? Indeed, the ineractive episode gives us a hidden clue that links viewers to the game, 'Bandersnatch' alongside 'Nohzdyve', a game Colin (Will Poulter) is seen developing in the beginning of the episode as well as a reference to Black Mirror's previous episode in season three, 'Nosedive'.

Think you can unlock this easter egg yourself? Check out the video for more details...

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