There's Going To Be A Peaky Blinders Video Game Very Soon

There's Going To Be A Peaky Blinders Video Game Very Soon

One of the best modern series is being adapted as a video game... and we can't wait!

Amongst the mountain of mediocre series Netflix comes out with every week, we could almost forget that quality television exists. Peaky Blinders, the fifth season of which has just started on the BBC, is certainly one of the greatest shows around right now. With the excellent Cillian Murphy in the leading role, the series has succeeded in delivering quality drama series after series. And we've got some exciting news: it will soon be adapted into a video game!

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Editor Curve Digital and studio FuturLab are collaborating to bring us this game which presents itself as an “innovative” narrative where you can play a number of different characters to explore the universe of the series in your own way. We should see the game released in 2020. We’re looking forward to learning more!

Check out the video above for all the details we have so far... 

Max Crow
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