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The Owner Of Walter White's House Has Had Enough Of Being Terrorised By Fans

It’s a sad day for fans of Breaking Bad. We will no longer be able to throw pizza on the roof of Walter White’s house, to the great joy of its real owner.

It’s a scene from the Breaking Bad series which has acquired mythical status. Episode 2, Season 3 – in a moment of rage, Walter White lets loose and throws his pizza onto the roof with the elegance of a drug lord, before climbing a ladder to fetch it back.

However, this house belongs to a lady who, besides being the happy owner of a jewel of American television, is also the owner of an unlimited store of pizza.

For around 4 years, fans of the series have gone up to Albuquerque in New Mexico to see the house and to throw a pizza onto its roof. It’s an hommage to Walter White, a very funny on the face of it, but it must be acknowledged that it’s probably not so funny for the owner.

Vince Gilligan, the showrunner for the series, was interviewed on the subject: ‘There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof.’

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The house’s owner recently built a 6-foot high wall to prevent access to the property. Despite that, fans climbed the wall to take photos. It’s not always easy living in Walter White’s house. Maybe she could ask Donald Trump to build her a wall?

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