The First Teaser For Amazon's New Lord Of The Rings Series Is Here - And It's Exciting

Amazon is creating a real earthquake with its next series: The Lord of the Rings. Created to promote the video-on-demand streaming platform Amazon Prime Video, the series has just been revealed in a trailer that shows the surprising team that has reunited to carry out this huge project. The Avengers of the series in other words.

Unfortunately, this first teaser doesn’t show footage from the upcoming Lord of the Rings series per se, but it does show the new creative team behind the upcoming show. In other words, the people in charge of producing this new, long overdue series! And the least we can say is that there are lots of big names up there, with people who have previously worked on some seriously successful TV shows and movies.

Although we want to know who will be appearing in this project, we do already know who the director in charge of the first 2 episodes will be. This pressure will lie on the shoulders of J.A. Bayona, the director who also created Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you should know that you can register for a free trial that will allow you to access all their content for 30 days totally free!

Check out the video above for the first look at the new Lord Of The Rings series...

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Amazon Reveals Exciting New Details About Upcoming Lord Of The Rings Series Amazon Reveals Exciting New Details About Upcoming Lord Of The Rings Series