Netflix: This new feature will change your viewing experience forever

‘The best thing since ‘skip intro’’, one satisfied user said of the addition.

With the array of content that Netflix provides its users, you cannot be blamed for not seeing every show through to the end credits. But you find that your short-lived dive into these shows keep haunting you anytime you log in. Now, you have the opportunity to remove those such content from library.

No, thanks!

The popular streaming service now allows you to manually delete the shows and films you don’t want to ‘Continue watching’. This row in your library contains content that you never got around to finishing, the ones that you probably feel guilty about because they came highly recommended.

Until the introduction of this new feature, those shows and films could be lurking in the shadows for ages, only to be replaced with more shows that you played touch-and go with.

Now, you can just delete the ones you know for a fact that you will never be returning to, even if the Queen suggested it. All you have to do is select the card you wish to see gone, then you scroll down to the all-new ‘Remove from Continue Watching’ feature.

Getty/ Lisa Werner

And just like that, it will disappear into the abyss of the big, dark web. Unless you second guess yourself and decide you might just a show another shot, then you click the Remove from Continue Watching' a second time to immediately undo the removal.

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The next best thing

This new add is particularly important because it allows you to watch whatever soppy content that your flatmate or partner may judge for. Once you clean up your ‘Continue watching’ list, your Netflix and Chill date may not see you for the indecisive person you are who just can’t commit to a show few episodes in.

One Twitter user couldn’t have put it better when they tweeted:

Netflix added a feature to remove shows from the ‘continue watching’ list. That’s like when Google gave us a way to delete our browser history.

Another described it as ‘the best thing since 'skip intro''.

This new feature is already available on Netflix’s web, mobile, and TV apps. Now, this is a clean-up you will enjoy!

If You Watch Netflix In Bed This New Feature Will Change Your Life If You Watch Netflix In Bed This New Feature Will Change Your Life