Netflix: Statistics On The Year 2017

What country watches the most Netflix? Which series were the most popular this year amongst subscribers? Now that 2017 is nearing its end, check out this year end recap by Netflix which gives us some rather interesting stats!

How did Netflix do this year? Judging by the statistics released by the popular streaming platform, we can safely say that 2017 was massive for the company.

Through a detailed infographic, Netflix has let the world know just how impressive their numbers have been this year. Apparently, the average Netflix user watches 60 films a year. Worldwide, subscribers have watched a total exceeding 140 million hours a day, with Stranger Things and American Vandal being the most popular.

Canada, Mexico, and Peru: these are the countries with the most Netflix obsessed users. We can even see that one single person found them self browsing the streaming service... in Antarctica!

Even more surprising: the statistics seem to show that one person alone watched Pirates of the Caribbean every single day in 2017... That’s dedication. Surely they’ve got the script down pat at this point?

Finally, it’s New Year’s Day where we see the highest amount of traffic on the site. Because nothing cures a hangover quite like a marathon in bed, right?

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