Manga: The 20 Best Anime Series' Of All Time

As in literature and cinema, there are ‘classics’ in anime. These are adaptations of manga that you owe it to yourself to watch if you are a fan of the genre. Here is a little reminder to see if you missed one of these anthologies.

The 20 Best Anime Of All Time That You MUST Watch!
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The 20 Best Anime Of All Time That You MUST Watch!
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We're not going to give you an objective ranking of the best anime, since this is totally up to you. What is sure is that anime are now part of the global culture and some characters like Goku have become icons recognised worldwide. So whether you are a neophyte or a Shonen addict, here is a list that will help you take stock and maybe make you want to watch them again. Here are some great classics, forgotten gems and new productions. We apologise in advance for the many excellent anime that will not be mentioned here. This includes Evangelion, Samurai Champloo, Saint Seiya, Trigun, Kenshin and many others, don't hesitate to talk about them and let others discover them in the comments.