I’m a Celeb viewers disgraced as contestant suffers snake bites to the face

Criticism has been flowing for I’m a Celeb Australia after one contestant was bitten on the face by a snake repeatedly during a trial.

For those who are already missing their daily dose ofI’m a Celeb, the Australian season of the show has definitely been dishing out some drama.

Most recently viewers have been left furious, criticising the show online as one contestant, Toni Pearen, was bitten by a snake… on the face… repeatedly.

NowIACis known for their hair raising trials and their controversial use of wildlife. However, fans everywhere are claiming that the show has gone much too far, labelling the incident as ‘disgraceful’.

The seventh season of the Australian series (which has been pre-recorded) has recently started airing, with the latest episode seeing actress and singer Toni Pearen take part in a Jungle Trivia challenge. But, after getting some answers wrong, Pearen was forced to plunge her head into a box filled with carpet pythons.

As if that in itself wasn’t scary enough, the pythons then attacked the Australian celebrity biting her in the face multiple times. The star was left emerging from the tank in tears, wanting to see her children.

A medic was called over to the scene and had assured that there was no venom in the bites. But still, viewers were up in arms as even for I’m a Celeb, the incident crossed a line for traumatic experiences. One person tweeted about the incident stating:

I'm so saddened. That is trauma stored in the body right there & they continued. Channel 10 should give Toni endless day spa access for the rest of her life! Toni you are incredible.

One Twitter user criticised the show for even allowing the challenge to go so far stating: ‘The trial should have been stopped and Toni assessed by medic immediately imo’.

another I'm a Celeb fan slammed the show saying ‘I am a long term fan, but that is not right to have allowed that to happen.’

Instead, the show even posted the scene to the social media network, branding Pearen as ‘fearless in the face of danger’.

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