I’m A Celeb: How filming in Wales has completely altered the camp mates' sleep schedule

I'm a Celeb contestants don't just have to deal with the cold climate and lack of luxuries— they also have a seriously weird schedule to adjust to.

I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! is back in Wales for the second year running. While being in a castle rather than a jungle brings some obvious new challenges, there’s one big difference that you may not have been aware of: the camp mates’ daily schedule.

Live timings on I’m A Celeb

A key part of I’m A Celeb since the very beginning has been the live element of the show. While we watch the pre-recorded footage of what the camp mates have been getting up to each day, Ant and Dec are always there live in between sections and—crucially—to announce the results of the public vote to the camp mates at the end of the show. There are also usually one or two live trials each year too.

Usually, when the show is in Australia, Ant and Dec announce the trial results to the camp mates in their morning (which coincides with evening here in the UK). Now that they’re filming in Wales, the trial results come in the late evening and the trial still takes place immediately after—meaning the camp mates get a very late night.

I’m A Celeb camp mates’ weird schedule

One of last year’s celebs, Victoria Derbyshire, shared details of the I’m A Celeb camp mates’ odd schedule with the Mirror, writing:

The trial takes place after Ant and Dec have come into the castle, live, to announce who the public has voted for. That individual then goes off to do the challenge and often doesn’t arrive back until midnight—1 o'clock in the morning. The food gets delivered sometime after that—which we then had to chop/wash/work out how to cook, before eating at 2.30am-3am.

This means they then have their breakfast (of rice and beans, obvs) at lunchtime. To add to all this disorientation, the camp mates don’t have watches or phones, so never know exactly what time it is.

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