Giovanna Fletcher Opens Up About Splitting From Tom

They may be one of the most solid-seeming celebrity couples out there but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Giovanna and Tom Fletcher.

Giovanna Fletcher has opened up in a new interview about her early split from now-husband Tom. The couple have been together since they were just thirteen years old but fans may not know that they actually split up for just over a year when they were both sixteen – although they always remained close.

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher split

In an interview with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, Giovanna admitted:

I had a boyfriend for the 14 months we weren’t together but Tom was always there. We never left each other alone, really… I remember being in Namibia and thinking about Tom more than I did my boyfriend. But even then I put it down to the fact that he was my first love.

Tom clearly still had feelings for Giovanna too – as his McFly bandmates told Giovanna that he talked about her ‘non-stop’ even when they weren’t together. Tom also kept sending songs he was writing for McFly to Giovanna – which her then-boyfriend probably wasn’t all that pleased with.

Giovanna and Tom Fletcher reunited

Giovanna and Tom eventually got back together after 14 months apart when she had ‘an epiphany’ whilst on the way to see her boyfriend. She split with him that night, she and Tom quickly got back together and the rest is history! Giovanna and Tom married in 2012 and are now parents to three sons – Buzz, Buddy and Max.

Despite their busy lives and the fact they’ve known each other for more than twenty-two years, Giovanna also confirmed they still fancy each other, saying:

It’s just incredible seeing Tom doing the things he loves and being so talented. I admire him in a different way to when I was 16. I think the attraction deepens, it’s less flimsy. It’s solid.
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