Get paid £5,000 to watch all the episodes of The Simpsons

October saw a strange job being listed by a British online gambling company and promised to offer £5,000 in exchange.

October grabbed many eyeballs, when a weird job was listed by PlatinCasino, a British online gambling company. It's looking for someone to watch the popular American sitcom, The Simpsons, in exchange for money.

No, you're not dreaming! The temp job requires the applicant to view all 33 seasons and the 2007 film spinoff of one of the most revered sitcoms.

The Simpsons predicts the future

Many of us wish we could predict the future. What if it has always been right in front of us, but we just haven't noticed?

The company arguably noted that the series has predicted a lot of current events, like the rise of climate activist Greta Thunberg or even the coronavirus pandemic. By hiring someone to re-watch all 706 episodes of the sitcom, the company is hoping to spot new events that the show may have predicted.

The Simson’s creator, Matt Groening said to New York Times:

It's just a sort of frame of mind that we've got that we think one year ahead. I predict people will make too much of our great predictions.

You do remember the episodes with the spine-chilling representation of Trump and COVID. Well, the fact that the events turned true years after airing, is thought-provoking indeed.

If this is not enough proof, they even predicted the recent fuel shortage in Britain.

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