Cobie Smulders Says This Is How 'How I Met Your Mother' Could Come Back

Remember Ted, Barney, Marshall, Robin, and Lily? Cobie Smulders aka Robin came up with a creative pitch for a How I Met Your Mother reboot, and we’re into it.

Just think of the hundreds of Barney sayings that would arise? What other ridiculous rules would he come up with? Remember The Bro Code? Or the Crazy/Hot scale? Barney followed a lot of absurd rules throughout the show. Some of them were actually pretty legit, too.

Would Lily and Marshall use the “PAUSE” rule more or less as they age?

How I Met Your Mother, alongside its addicting plotline, developed an array of coinable phrases. We would be on board for more years of inside jokes and intriguing storylines. Could a reboot be in the making? Cobie Smulders who played the beautiful, intelligent, newsreader Robin, shares her idea for the perfect How I Met Your Mother reboot.

What is it? We’ll tell you about it in our video!

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