Check It Out: Netflix's New Terrifying Series "Dark"
Check It Out: Netflix's New Terrifying Series "Dark"
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Check It Out: Netflix's New Terrifying Series "Dark"

New Netflix series Dark is promising to mix two of our favourite binge watching genres – crime dramas and horror. The new series is dropping just in time for the holidays this December on the first.

A panda soft toy, a biscuit with glass of milk, and... a torture device? These are the first images that appear on the screen when we check out the trailer for the newest Netflix series called Dark. Safe to say this won’t be fitting with the Christmas theme in December.

This 10 episode German thriller tells the story of a disappearance of two children in the small village of Winden. After checking out the trailer, we safely assume by the trailer that their disappearance is no typical abduction - it certainly shows all the tell-tale signs of paranormal activity. Get ready to spend an unreasonable amount of time the coming holiday season binge watching this one.

By Stacey Williams
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