Channel Zero created a monster that no one can stand to look at

People online can't seem to look at this monster in action for longer than 5 seconds! We think we can see why people love the horror TV series Channel Zero.

The show is on the SyFy channel and has succeeded by creating a real nightmare that appears in the first six episodes. The creature isn't the main character on the show but has left an unforgettable track record. The monster is played by actress, Cassandra Consiglio. Despite the wicked costume, she mentioned that wearing it was extremely comfortable!

Nick Antosca, who created the series, explained that the monster was created from his own nightmare. The producers decided to use a costume rather than special effects to create the gruesome look. The character was originally intended to appear in Hannibal, for which Nick Antosca was a scriptwriter but SyFy then decided to start working on Channel Zero.

Channel Zero, a horror anthologyin the same vein as American Horror Story, has been airing for 4 seasons now, from 2016-2018. The plot lines are all inspired by creepypastas, horror-related stories which have been circulating around the internet. The monster in question is from the series' first season, entitled Candle Cove and inspired by the creepypasta of the same name.

The season follows one man's obsession with a mysterious children's TV program from the 1980s. Other story lines from later seasons have included a house of horrors which might not be what it seems, a city affected by disappearances, and a mysterious door in a house.

Channel Zeroended following its fourth season, however those involved with the show say it could return at some point in the future.

Check out the video above and see for yourself!

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