Breaking Bad Is Coming Back In An Unexpected Way...

This is the good news we’ve all been waiting for: Breaking Bad could return! On the big screen!

Since the end of Breaking Bad, there has been an emptiness in fans’ hearts. Even though there’s been a spinoff, Better Call Saul, it’s never gonna be as good as Walter White’s adventures. To expand the universe a little more, The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, is actively working on a two-hour feature film. The movie would be an extension of the Breaking Bad series.

An ambitious project

Breaking Bad is without a doubt one of the best series in the world! Objectively!

5 years after the end of the show, everyone is still talking about it. Vince Gilligan is looking forward to starting work on it again, since he has been secretly writing the script for a feature movie set in the Breaking Bad universe, and will also direct it - and we can’t wait. Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, the executive producers of Better Call Saul, are also expected to be participating in the project.

For the moment, no other information has been leaked. We do not know if the cast of Breaking Bad will be back, or if it will be a film that will be released in the cinema, or just a TV movie, or if it will be a prequel or a sequel... Basically, the only thing we know is that the project is called ’Greenbrier’, and tells the escape of a kidnapped man. The shooting is scheduled to start next month in New Mexico.

We Now Know What The Breaking Bad Film Is Going To Be About We Now Know What The Breaking Bad Film Is Going To Be About