Blind Trapeze Artist DROPS His Wife In Grand Finale Gone Wrong

Mary and Tyce were performing the grand finale of their act when disaster struck and Mary slipped through Tyce's arms towards the flames below.

Husband and wife Mary and Tyce were contestants on last summer's America's Got Talent. They perform together as a trapeze act known as Duo Transcend.

As well as being able to perform extraordinary trapeze routines, the pair are even more impressive considering that Tyce is legally blind in his right eye.

In their audition to make it through to the live shows, the pair wowed the judges and the audience with their dizzying gymnastics but the atmosphere in the auditorium quickly turned to one of horror when the grand finale of the act went horribly wrong.

Tyce had blindfolded himself for the final part of the act and was hanging by his legs from the trapeze. When Mary dropped from above, he should have caught her but her ankles slipped through his hands.

Mary's mother, who was sitting with the couple's 2-year-old son Jaxx in the audience, covered her face in dismay as screams went up from the audience.

Thankfully, the couple had placed a crash mat beneath the trapeze and Mary got back up unharmed - even asking the judges if they could attempt the trick again! Simon Cowell and co. decided their nerves couldn't take it but put them through to the next round with four resounding yeses - rightly pointing out that 'it's 'America's Got Talent', not 'America's Got Perfection'.'

Check out the video above to see the heart-stopping footage for yourself!

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